Realise The Full Potential Of Your Gongs

A Revolution in Gong Playing

Conceived To Add Another Dimension To The Healing Power Of The Sound Of The Gong

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... Your Gong - turning slowly and effortlessly before your eyes!

Rotogong 360 helps to mirror the movement of the planets of our solar system...

... Enabling your Gong to oscillate in a cosmic ebb and flow of sound waves


The RotoGong is an outstanding and vital new invention for gong players. It creates an astonishing effect that is both sonically and visually amazing.

Tim Wheater

I have always dreamed of flying in the Cosmos... Surrounded by Planets & Stars... In the mist of incredible sound frequencies that would transport me into an experience of the INFINITE! The planetary gongs reminded me of that, but Rotogong has completely awoken that dream! Thank you!

Patrizia Da Milano

RotoGong transforms the gong into a multi-dimensional sound experience that is both beautiful and enthralling for player & listener alike.

Finn Gedge Gibb