About RotoGong 360°

 The RotoGong apparatus allows the gong to be set into rotational motion on a smoothly operational axis, much like the rotation of the planets of the solar system.

When the gong is played waves of complex partials vibrate off the metallic surface and it sends its dancing harmonics into the space in a bidirectional and acoustically reflective manner. 

As the RotoGong is set into a spinning motion, within the Gong stand, the layers of sound emanating from the surface of the gong wash over the player and the listener in pulsing waves of chordal resonance, gently modulating the frequencies with a rotational Doppler effect that is both rhythmic and mesmerizing. 

This spinning motion enhances the beats of colliding waves that ebb and flow over the listeners who experience not only an aural but also a visceral and spiritual sensation from the vibrational realignment that the deep harmonic resonance of the gong provides.

The RotoGong enables a deeper dive into the mysteries of the transcendent and healing energies of the gong.

The tonalities that can be coaxed from a well played and beautifully crafted gong are a sound sensation.

When using the RotoGong, on any gong stand, with intuition and sensitivity you will discover a whole new Universe of sight and sound and energy!

Gives Your Gong Wings :)

- Aidan McIntyre, 
Experienced Gong Practitioner

Aidan's Reflection In The Gong